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Delurker round-up

Amanda can't stand sidewalk chalk.  Amanda, meet Julie, who also can't stand sidewalk chalk!  I personally can't handle the sound of chalk on chalkboards, but that's just me showing my age, as these days chalkboards are passé, replaced by whiteboards.

Kris...I know The Secret.  Nyah, nyah, nyah!  (One of my related weird thoughts  at one point in my life was that everyone else was telepathic.  Except me.)

Kate (such a good name) insists that her computer programs be opened in a specific order.  Kate also has a blog full of really beautiful photos she has taken; you should take a look.  I know, I purchased a print.  Well, I haven't "purchased" it yet, as I have been seriously remiss in remitting the check.  I'll do that this weekend, Kate, I promise!

Miss C. shares my distaste for shellfish, though she branches out and applies it to all seafood.  Miss C. also has a fun blog, filled with jokes, bad puns, weird links and more.

Jozet, of Halushki fame, fears empty swimming pools.  She also writes hilarious posts, and can make bat bites into keyboard-spraying comedy.

SpaceMom worries about her house burning to the ground.  She obviously isn't afflicted with stuff the way the OmegaHousehold is, and doesn't secretly dream of torching the mess to get rid of it.  SpaceMom is also a Real Live Rocket Scientist.

Jen, though a vegetarian, likes Campbell's chicken broth.  She also has a lovely daughter adopted from China, a lovely biobabe born last year, and a teen boy.

Lizard likes bunched up sheets and blankies, so she can get her feet out.  She can also bend the tips of her fingers at the last joint.  Now, Liz, you know I love you, so I have to share that one can get one's feet out from under the blankies when they're nice & smooth & tucked in at the bottom; I know this because I do it every night when I'm starting a hot flash.  I can't do the finger-joint thing, but I've got really loosey-goosey joints so that when I stretch my arms, they bend backwards.  This always grossed out the boys at school.  Check out the "Grumpy Old Bitches" blog, which she shares with Miss C. and a few other ladies I know.  'Bout time you started blogging a wee tad, Lizard.

AtypicalBrat (or is that ATypicalBrat?) took the ball & ran with it, onto her blog, where she posted about the terrors of table saws, toast, tantalizing itches, and that favorite pastime of us all, complete mental conversations with the person who has upset her...I thought we all did that?  Though I must say, usually I do that at 2 a.m. that night, and the conversation is full of zingers, none of which I remember the next morning.

Welcome, one & all!  And thanks for delurking!

posted by Kate @ 1/12/2007 04:52:00 PM  
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