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Happy New Year!...?

OmegaMom has been wallowing in not having to do anything at all.  Small Mountain University is officially "closed" between Christmas and New Year's, though there are lots of folks who just ignore the fact, because either you take it off without pay or use up vacation days.

This year, I took the vacation days.  Did I do anything useful?  No.  I vegged out.  My brain rotted.  I ate bon-bons.  I read science fiction.  I laundered immense amounts of clothes.  I cleaned house, only to have it trashed within 24 hours.  I thought about blogging--honest, I did.  But the brain was stuck in neutral.

We had days' worth of alluring storm clouds, which left us with hardly any snow to speak of--the storm decided to dump three feet in northern New Mexico and Colorado instead.  Bah.  The dotter and I went out and made an itty-bitty snowman yesterday, out of what snow we had.

The OmegaFamily is starting the New Year in its normal way:  with a sick dotter and a sick mother and a sick grandmother.  Dotter is running a 105F fever when the ibuprofen wears off, OmegaMom has a scratchy throat, OmegaGranny was diagnosed this week with mild (damn well better be!) pneumonia.  Fun, fun, fun.

The end result is that, rather than requesting a dinner out for my anniversary tomorrow, I am about to beg OmegaDad for a day of him taking care of both his ladies.

So, anyways, dear readers (those of you who are left after a practically blogless week or those who are returning from vacations), here are my wishes for all of us to have a happy, healthy 2007, and I leave you with a collage of 2006:

posted by Kate @ 12/31/2006 05:38:00 PM  
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