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OmegaDotter Overdrive

Ice skating is on break until the week of January 9.

Ballet is on break until the week of January 9.

We've had snow & icky weather, so the kids are stuck inside at preschool.

Christmas is coming.

All of this adds up to an OmegaDotter on overdrive, with none of her usual outlets for her need to bounce, whack, jump, feel her body moving.

She "helped" me with the Christmas cards this morning, until I chased her off, because she had revved up to the point where her "help" was no help at all.

She talked non-stop all morning.

She bounced off the wall in the shower.

We drove down the hill to haul OmegaGranny back, and--THANK the Kozmik All--she fell asleep on the way there.  (She has reached a point where the daytime nap is phasing out.)

On the way back, she chattered.  She talked.  She sang.  She counted to 110 (with only a tiny bit of help).  She orchestrated a rhyming game.  She played "say a sound, then say a word that starts with that sound".  She sang some more.  She chattered.

Finally I persuaded her to be quiet, because "Mommy's ears and Grandma J's ears need a break."

I can't describe it quite well enough, but it's obvious she's on overdrive.  Luckily, it's a good overdrive.  Miss Louise, her occupational therapist, noticed on Thursday.  It's hard not to notice.  It's like she's on speed.

It wears me to the bone.  It makes me realize just how much she needs those outlets, and how much the OT has helped.

posted by Kate @ 12/23/2006 07:13:00 PM  
  • At 12/23/2006 09:52:00 PM, Blogger Miss Cellania said…

    I can relate! My kids have reaped my wrath quite a few times already, and there's more than a week left on vacation! But to their credit, they've used some of that energy in cleaning the house. I've always maintained that Santa won't come to a cluttered home.

  • At 12/24/2006 07:13:00 AM, Blogger Julie Pippert said…

    I had mine in the car for nine hours in less than 24. When we arrived, I ran them outside until past dark, LOL. Of course, here in the Land of Eternal Sunshine we can do that. You know it's winter here when the temp has dipped down to 65-70 F. Also, I have imported cousins so they've had anywhere from two to eight other children to spaz with. Sadly, not all relatives have acquired the "noise tune out" and "wall bounce off" immunity ability that some of us parents of young'uns have. I think we gave an Aunt a migraine last night...

    I must ask...you DO have one of those little kid trampolines, the sort you can have indoors with a little handle?

    If not, OmegaDotter really would LOVE it.

    When mine get nutty (and our trapped indoor season is May-October) I say, "GO JUMP!"

    Or...better yet...mop and vacuum (love those kid sized Dirt Devils) or polish wood with Pledge wipes or dust with those static dust wipes.

    Hang in there!

    You kow you are in GOOD company until January!! LOL

  • At 12/24/2006 11:28:00 PM, Blogger Lizard said…

    I called a friend and begged for her child to come over today. I knew mom would be at work today and dad would be at minimum trying to assemble the kitchen set they bought for their kiddo--- and more likely, needing to still do shopping for spouse and such.

    It was a godsend. I only heard her ask to open a present once, and when I asked if it was too hard to have it out (from a neighbor, she was here when he delivered it) she asked me to put it in the closet.

    Said friend was apologetic that her kid was still here at 8 pm, and when I told her that we were thrilled, she said "are you being sarcastic?" and I had to work to cinvince her that I was not in fact being sarcastic.

    We are arranging play dates and planning things for this week, lest we carry through with the plan we have discussed over the last 2 days: tape the kid to the ceiling. She has been insanely wild and driving us mad. And the volume.... oh, my.... why in hell did no one put a volume control on little children?

    Hang in there, OmegaMom. We are all with you. All of us.

  • At 12/26/2006 08:29:00 AM, Blogger Kate said…

    Miss C.--Ah, no, that's a great usage of the Santa clause!

    Julie--Having the cousins around is quite useful. I've thought about the trampoline, and perhaps at birthday time (not too far off!), it will magically appear in the house.

    Liz--See, you and Julie had the right idea--get lots of other kids around and let them expend the energy on each other. I confess--I am taking time off this week, but still sending the dotter to preschool. This gives me my alone time, and her her energy outlet.

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