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Spilt milk

It's one of those days.

Or two days.

Let's see:

The furnace is acting wonky.  It heats...sort of.  We get almost up to 67F, with the furnace cycling on and off like crazy.  We've had this happen before; it was something to do with the doodads that inject the gas into the burners.  The furnace folk are supposed to show up tomorrow morning.

The fish in our aquaria are dying.  We had fifty kazillion guppies.  Now we have twenty-five kazillion guppies, and they're dropping like flies.  "Dropping" is the operative word here--most fish, when they die, float up to the top; these fish are sinking to the bottom.  We've got some fancy full spectrum fish-water treatment stuff that the folks at the pet store recommended for all sorts of fish diseases (like "hole-in-the-head" disease).  Our fire-bellied newt, who we have had for years now, is behaving like he, too, is affected.

Then last night, in the middle of the night, while Mr. OmegaMom was removing dead guppies from one of the fish tanks, OmegaDotter comes crying hysterically out of the bedroom.

It seems that our monster kitten (grrr!) had knocked over the half-filled cup of milk sitting on the bedside table right on top of OmegaDotter's head.

So we had to strip beds and calm a miserable and frantic dotter in the middle of the night.  (Well, hell, I'd be hysterical if I were awakened by a torrent of milk splashing all over my head!)

So this morning I had to haul her into the shower with me...after consideration, I had figured that a shower would be quicker (infinitesimally so) than bathing her, then showering myself.

We did, in the midst of all this, get to see the dotter and various adorable kidlets perform Christmas carols at the school pageant last night.  Pics to come.

Addendum:  While I was putting the dotter to bed, the monster kitten came and laid on my laptop keyboard.  This resulted in the monitor being switched to minimum resolution.  Easy enough to fix, though a pain.  But now I find that if I want to comment on someone's blog, the following keys aren't working:  c,v,h, and n.  ARGH!  They work fine in Live Writer, Notepad, TextPad...

I hate computers.  I hate cats.  Grrrr.

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posted by Kate @ 12/05/2006 10:22:00 PM  
  • At 12/06/2006 08:54:00 PM, Blogger Julie Pippert said…

    This---the poor dotter incident---is why I put up a gate at the top of the stairs and keep the animals down.

    My kids love the shower. And the bath. And anything that enables them to play in and with water. ;)

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