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Hair drama and The Bribe
I regaled my horde (::snicker::) of readers with The Hair Drama two (Ed.: Whoops! Three!) weeks ago. You may recall that I threatened to cut off OmegaDotter's hair if she didn't quit her bellyachin' about combing. I really, really meant to. But Mr. OmegaMom came up with The Bribe. There was this horse, you see, at Target. A large horse. Very large. It had a saddle. Stirrups. Reins. It was big enough for OmegaDotter to sit upon. It was only $30. Mr. OmegaMom laid out the deal: Be Nice About The Hair (for five days in a row), and you will get an extra dollar for your weekly allowance and we will allow you to go buy The Horse. This was enough to cause OmegaDotter to contemplate not caterwauling when confronted with the comb. For a mere four days in a row. Whoops. There went The Horse. After much pleading and misery, the Omegas relented. Mr. OmegaMom replayed the deal. Five days in a row. No less. Well. OmegaDotter accomplished this Herculean task. Then we ran into a slight snag. Mr. OmegaMom, scouting out the scene after work, discovered that Target no longer had The Horse!!! Oops. We dithered. We dallied. We avoided the whole question of Target. (OmegaDotter did, however, get the extra dollar--for two weeks in a row!) OmegaMom secretly harbored the hope that the dotter would simply forget The Horse. Hah. So we called Target. We begged them to let us know when it arrived on the shelves again. We deftly redirected OmegaDotter by having OmegaMom continue painting horsies on her wall, and OmegaMom, on the altar of pain, tried appliquing a horsie for the dotter. In a last ditch effort, OmegaMom posted to one of her lists, requesting that anyone who located such a critter would be A God In Her Eyes, or words to that effect. That same day, Mr. OmegaMom called Target again. The Kozmik All stands for balance and harmony in all things: Target had the creature today. OmegaDotter is now the proud owner of "Frankie":

This thing is HUGE. OmegaDotter is happy.

OmegaDotter still has the hair. The grand sturm und drang of hair combing has subsided. OmegaDotter has promised that this will continue. We shall see. We still have to tackle the concept of "paying Daddy back". Hmmm.
posted by Kate @ 4/05/2006 07:10:00 PM  
  • At 4/05/2006 07:45:00 PM, Blogger Johnny said…

    Wow, that is huge. And for $30? Pretty good deal.

  • At 4/06/2006 08:30:00 AM, Blogger PAgent said…

    We got the girl a similarly huge animal. It became her best friend. She slept with it every night.

    Then...she couldn't sleep without it. Every vacation, every sleepover, was either accompanied by the (now fairly ratty) giant stuffed animal, or was accomplished with much wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth.

    You can't win.

    Your mileage may vary. :-)

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