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"I've been searchin' for a blog like you..."
OmegaMom is in training all week, so this is a cop-out post. Everyone who blogs at one time or another will do a post about what search strings people have used to hit their blog. OmegaMom gets hits almost daily on "How to make sugar cookies"; the post that causes this is bookmarked on the right, and is one of my favorites, go look at it and get some warm fuzzies. "Mom @ss daily thumb"...? What the heck is this person looking for? I guess it's in a league with "n*ked mom home in bed" or other such search terms that have a certain sexual connotation to them. Some of the searches leave me feeling a little bit ew-icky; I get quite a few hits of that type because I link to Karen at N@ked Ovary. I'll bet Karen is sick of searches like that. "Definition of efficient entrepreneur". Wow. They found that here?! Excuse me while I go dig through my archives to see if some amazing business administration/hacker type has hijacked my username and password to post that long-sought definition... And, of course, lots of adoption hits recently, of one type or another. Whoops! Gotta go! Lunch break is almost over!
posted by Kate @ 3/27/2006 12:16:00 PM  
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