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Breaking a few pipes

Ah, the joyous life of a homeowner.  The equity!  The pride of ownership!

The great big gaping bust pipe underneath the back bedroom closet, which burst due to the -16F weather we had this morning.  The one which is gushing water loudly enough that I can hear it like radio static here in the office.  The one which requires that Hippy Dippy Utility Company come out and shut off our water at the water meter.  The one which will require a call to the insurance company, plus lots of calls to plumbers.


Ah.  HDUC's emergency guys showed up.  The water is off.  Oh, joy.

The morning began inauspiciously.  When I headed out to start the car to warm it up while OmegaDotter was getting socks and shoes on, the car wouldn't start.  The starter went "rrruh!....rrrruh!....rrrr...uuuu...hhhh."  I stopped.  I  looked at the official lizard temp on the front porch.  -16F.  I went back inside and called the office.  We waited until the sun really came up and warmed things up--at which point the car started easily.

I dropped the dotter off at preschool, then went and purchased a new car battery.

After work, I picked the dotter up to take her to her skating lesson.  The nice fluff-head who was supposed to be teaching her decided to take her back to SnowPlow Sam I.  Luckily, K. was there, and K. grabbed the dotter after her official lesson was over, and said, "Dotter!  C'mon!" and included her in the next lesson.  When I cornered K. afterwards, she told me to just bring the dotter half an hour later, as she was going to teach her, because there was no way she should be back in SnowPlow Sam I.

So we headed home, filled with glee at how well things were going with ice-skating.  Only to hear The Dreadful Noise once we got home.

Argh.  Ups and big downs today--just like the temperature, which actually got up to 30F during the afternoon.

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posted by Kate @ 1/17/2007 08:02:00 PM  
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