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Below zero

Snow.  Beautiful, white, glistening, clean snow.  Lots of it. 

We ended up with, oh, about 15 inches total.  Yay!  Plenty of breaks so that the grader could come by and plow the road, so we're not stuck in any way.

So I want to go out and play.  OmegaDotter wants to go out and play.  (OmegaDad, the poopyhead, wants to finish up sanding, wood-puttying, and painting the ceiling beams in the living room.)

There's only one problem with this gleaming, glistening day, with the sprays of powdery snow puffing off the pine needles every now and then and glittering in the sunlight like fairy dust.

It's 9 below zero Fahrenheit at the official weather station, but the "official lizard temperature" on our front porch is -14.  At 8:30 a.m.  (On our other outdoor thermometer, it's -18.)

Dayum, that's cold!

OmegaDad and I have silk long johns; we've had them forever and they're soft and shapeless, but oh-so-warm.  Great for cross-country skiing and playing in the snow.  We also have polartec gloves--also great for cross-country skiing and playing in the snow.

OmegaDotter, alas, has little knit gloves and no silk longjohns.  I've been off-and-on searching for kiddie longjohns, but not with any urgency.  Apparently, silkies aren't big on modern parenting lists.

Today's frigidity prompted me to google "silk longjohns kids".  And today, wonder of wonders, I found some.  Unfortunately, even with the most magical of shipping, there's no way to get them today.  Which is when we need them.

So maybe we'll check again in the afternoon, see if that brilliant sunlight has warmed things up any.


posted by Kate @ 1/14/2007 09:21:00 AM  
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