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She's goin' in!

Taking a deep breath...breathe out...OmegaMom is switching to Blogger Beta.  They claim that it will move everything over--content, layout, css and all.

Not being a trusting soul, especially when it relates to computer projects labeled "Beta", OmegaMom first googled "Blogger backup complete".  The third hit was this, titled "The Real Blogger Status:  Backup Your Blog".  If you have a blog (not just a Blogger blog), and you want a backup, you WILL click that link, and you WILL thank me.  It gives detailed directions on using a program called HTTrack.  It talks about using the grandfather-father-son backup rotation schedule.  And you WILL have a complete copy of your entire blog, safe and sound, on your home computer, including--get this!--comments.

Ahhhh.  I've been looking for something like this, and the Blogger Beta move was just the thing to kick me into doing it.

An additional note:  If you use LiveWriter, and you switch your blog from Blogger to Blogger Beta, you will need to download an update to LW so it works with BB.

UPDATE: Well, fooey. For some reason, the switch didn't work. All I have to show for this blog angst is an email in my inbox, saying "An error has occurred that has prevented us from switching your account at this time. Our engineers have been notified of the issue, and your blogs and Blogger account should not be affected." Pooh.

The good side is that I now have a shiny new backup of my blog, sitting on my computer. Yay!

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posted by Kate @ 11/11/2006 12:17:00 PM  
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