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OmegaMom has discovered the seductive, addictive pull of personal blog tracking. It started innocently enough. Someone on one of the blogs OmegaMom visits mentioned that she had a site meter. OmegaMom asked what it was...the blogger replied "SiteMeter". OmegaMom promptly typed it into the address bar and read up on free blog tracking. ("Pssst. Over here, little lady! C'mon. Wanna blog tracker? Aw, sweetie, it's just for fun, no problems, it won't lead to any hard stuff.") So the blog has been metered for three weeks. The first week, OmegaMom would sign in now & then, see how many hits the blog had gotten. It was kind of depressing, actually. A hit here, a hit there. Good ol' internet buds who stopped by. Then OmegaMom added a Java calendar for people to click for archives...and realized that it had been an entire month since she had written anything. The site meter has become a menace in OmegaMom's life. Click! Log in! Who's visited lately?! Hmmm...I need to write a new post! Generate some clicks! ("Heh. Back again so soon? C'mere, lemme give you a little taste. FastQ, Comcast.com, rr.com. Just a little, now!") So OmegaMom ADVERTISED. A post filled with pictures of the OmegaDotter doing cute things! She mentioned it to some friends on some boards and lists she participates in. Surely that would pull in some people! Whoa! One hundred hits! Man, oh, man! ("Whoa, little lady! Getting into it kind of hot and heavy, aren't you? Y'know, you may need some stronger stuff than I can provide...advertising already, hmmm?") The synergy was building. Like all those damned articles say, if you want to generate hits, you need to post regularly. Sure enough, OM has been posting regularly, and people are coming back regularly. It's addictive. I need my fix. It's sad when you let your life be ruled by ephemera like a list of clicks... (Hi, Mom!) It's gotten so bad that this morning, when OmegaMom wandered by the IT department and stopped in to visit old friends, she just had to mention her blog... Bloggers Anonymous?? Categories: [Bloggy Stuff]
posted by Kate @ 12/09/2005 07:16:00 PM  
  • At 12/10/2005 04:46:00 AM, Blogger Miss Cellania said…

    Oy, I'm glad its not just me. We should form a support group!

    Hello, I'm Miss Cellania. Its been three days since I've checked my sitemeter. (applause)

  • At 12/10/2005 09:11:00 PM, Blogger bh said…

    It all became much less stressful once I ditched that thing. Now I don't care. After typing that, I realize that statement could be my introduction speech at the support group meeting.

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