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Smoke? None. I am on my hands and knees thanking the Forest Service and the local city fathers for their hard work in thinning stuff. I am thanking the Kozmik All that the fire didn't start at, say, 9 in the morning yesterday, instead of 4 in the afternoon. I'm thanking the Kozmik All that the temperature is down, there are clouds in the sky, and the humidity is up.
OmegaDotter informed me in the car on the way to daycare that if you eat Rice Krispies Treats and yogurt together, you will explode.
The Love of OmegaDotter's Life, C., gave her a bracelet this morning. Just ran right up to her and said, "Here, OmegaDotter, this is for you!" Awwww. Like horses, C. has been high on her life's priorities for about two years now.
I unsubscribed from a bunch of Chinese adoption lists on Yahoo this morning. Too many nice folks posting waiting children pleas ("This beautiful little boy's file is due to go back to China this week! Won't you give him a chance?!"). I'm in a somewhat bitter, angry mood about it all now; I see those postings and want to pout and stomp my feet and shout, "Dammit! They're turning back Really Nice People like us, that's why those files are being sent back!" Anyway, right now being on those lists for me is like hanging around a pregnancy group when you've hit the "I'm never going to get pregnant" wall, just a big reminder about how all this stuff is no longer under our control. This could be a Good Thing, because I need to curtail the internet usage severely; it's been getting out of hand lately. Work is coming to a crescendo for the end of fiscal year, so I'll be working late and needing to concentrate, not cruise groups and dilly dally with buddies. (Or not as much.)
posted by Kate @ 6/15/2006 08:22:00 AM  
  • At 6/15/2006 07:50:00 PM, Blogger Carol Anne said…

    Wise move, moving off those lists. Besides, if there's a train wreck, your buddies will let you know all about it.

    Glad you're out of fire danger for now.

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