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On weekend mornings, OmegaDotter and I often share a shower. Imagine having a wiggly octopus in the shower stall with you, one that jumps up, turns around, reaches around you with a cup to collect water, tells you that your butt is in her face, and screeches when having water from the shower hit her in the face. Normally, it's a very exhausting experience. But it is infinitesimally more efficient than mom taking a shower, then giving dotter a bath. Just a smidge. A hair. A tad. Enough so that giving up my luxurious, looooong Saturday morning shower is grudgingly given up. This morning, however, we chanced upon something that made it all go much more quickly and smoothly. We sang. Two voices, ringing in the shower stall, as loudly as possible. And--miracle of miracles--both of us in tune. Do-Re-Mi... The ants go marching...(Anyone who has seen one of the Sesame Street videos with the military lady singing this one, I actually got her tone of voice on the "And they ALL go MARCHING. DOWN! To the GROUND! To get OUT of the RAIN!" I wuz proud.) Father Abraham..., complete with hand and arm movements. The other day I met a bear... Now, this one troubles me. I obviously learned a variant, because the one I learned started: "I went for a walk...In the woods one day...And on the way...I met a bear." Did any one else learn it that way?? I googled it, and didn't find it. Sigh. Baby bumblebee... This one troubles me, also. This song teaches kids to squish baby bumblebees! Ack! But it's a damned cute song. Anyway, I'm sure the neighbors got an earful. Then the dotter started making up songs, which I wish I could remember. One, in particular, featured a frog that got into the refrigerator and ate up all our food. Wish me luck. OmegaDad is out of town for the week for his fellowship. Then next week, he's out of town for field work. Some time soon, I hope to actually see the man. Y'know, the one I married? For better, for worse?
posted by Kate @ 5/13/2006 11:26:00 AM  
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