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Horsin' around
The stencils came. These are very nice stencils. I highly recommend them. These are OmegaMom's stencils, not OmegaDotter's. So we began the horsie transition. Herewith some photos. (Please note: due to sanding and polyurethaning of logs nearby, there were some polyurethane streaks which popped horribly in the photos, and have been painted out. Also, please ignore any and all indications of dust or grime. Hey. Check out my profile. What does it say? "Lousy housekeeper." Truth in advertising here.) These are all spread out along a five-foot stretch of wall, just above dresser height. I was going to do a panorama-style stitching together of all the pics, then said, eh, forget it. OmegaMom made the mistake of asking OmegaDotter what color she wanted the horsies to be. So...there will be at least one paint, and at least one "Spirit". The rest are going to be all sorts of colors; Michael's provided the acrylic paints, and OmegaMom merely has to figure out how to use the durned things. The rearing horse is about 6 inches high.
posted by Kate @ 3/16/2006 06:32:00 PM  
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