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Weather report
OmegaMom is really doing the Snoopy Dance now. So far, we have gotten 24 inches of snow. We may get a little bit more; the Winter Storm Warning is still in effect until noon, but the sun has just peeked out from behind the clouds. OmegaMom and OmegaDotter went out to play in the back yard yesterday afternoon with Dawg, who adores snow and shovels it with his nose...then we went off for a walk around the neighborhood. OmegaMom promptly slid on her butt a few times on the (extremely) slick road, as did dotter. Lots of snow was eaten, thrown, and packed. Last year, a slide onto her bottom would have precipitated a very unhappy little girl who would want to go inside Right Now!, but this year, she stayed out until her cheeks were beet red and her sweats were soaked through and coated with packed lumps of snow. What a difference a year makes! (Miss C.: Ahem. The "Southwest" encompasses a huge elevation range, from below sea-level in Death Valley, to the Rockies in Colorado. We live at 7000 feet; a typical winter will see us having about 90 inches of snow. This is the first snow we've had all year. CA, I think this will push the start of fire season out to the normal late May/June timeframe, for which I am very thankful!)
posted by Kate @ 3/12/2006 08:59:00 AM  
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