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No limbo, and other stuff
Ah, well. Alaska would have been fun, I'm sure, but OmegaDad got the very nicest f-you-very-much letter in the mail today. So I don't have to spend the next six weeks frantically getting the house into shape, selling it, sorting, packing, cleaning, moving, etc. The Omegas would have been able to purchase A Very Nice House free and clear, as prices are so much higher here than there. And I will admit that I had been daydreaming about some of those houses. Sort of, "Ooooh! That's the house I'd make this one look like if we had about $60,000 extra to throw around!"
We have somehow gotten on the mailing list for a children's clothing catalog that makes OmegaMom's latent girly-girl come screaming to the surface, from a place called "The Wooden Soldier". All sorts of frilly, foofy girls' dresses that are classic and beautiful and not cheesy or overdone. (But, alas, expensive.) They don't have a website. Kozmik All above! I didn't know there were still businesses out there that haven't invested in a website! So you can't just bop online to check out these kewl clothes. If you're interested, though, you can give them a call at 1-800-375-6003. Trust me. If this catalog can make OmegaMom drool--OmegaMom, who thinks $100 dresses for kids that outgrow them within five months is a total waste of money--you'll probably drool, too.
I have enabled full RSS feeds just for my buddy Miss Cellania, who has been the victim of a very odd glitch that won't let her load Blogger/Blogspot sites at all. If anyone has any good advice for her, pop on over to her website and send her an email. (She has tried a wide variety of browsers, asked tech support from Blogger and from her ISP, and more.) Some folks (Kent Newsome and others) think that an RSS feed should be full by default, for the ease of the reader. I have to admit that partial feeds are neat for me, the blogger, because then you have to click on the lede to read the whole shebang, and I get all sorts of groovy info from Sitemeter. As a selfish budding blogger, I want to stoke those hits!
I'm still mulling some posts on:
  • Adoption ethics
  • What it does to the local service industry workers when housing prices skyrocket
  • A rant about OmegaDad and bottled water
  • An update on how my New Years' Resolution has gone (hint: Not Well At All)
  • Ruminating about How Good We Have It in first-world countries
posted by Kate @ 2/17/2006 06:00:00 PM  
  • At 2/19/2006 11:44:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you very much!

    Miss Cellania
    posting from an undisclosed location

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