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I gotta scratch that itch!
Git yet minds out of the gutter! I'm not talking sex, here, I'm talking something more basic and important! I Gallop On has a cute video featuring her scratching her Percheron Toby, hitting the Sweet Spot...the horse gives every evidence of equine ecstasy, with quivering lips and rolling eyes. As I was watching it, I realized that every mammal I've known has that special spot that needs scratching, and when you hit it, they are Yours For Life. Dogs have their spot right on the top of the rump. I will, occasionally, give the Dawg a good butt scratching. He drools when I do this. Then, when I stop, he will follow me around for fifteen minutes, butting me with his head, mutely demanding more. When I meet dogs owned by acquaintances, after doing the requisite hand-to-nose sniff-and-greet, I attack their rumps, and get the same response. The (as yet unnamed, still) kitten has not quite grown up enough to be a slave to the under-the-chin scratch maneuver, which sends most cats I've known into kitty conniptions, cross-eyed, head-diving, and purring in overdrive. Women...now, women's favorite scratching spot, from my experience, is around the bra strap. A guy who can give a good back scratching around the bra strap is a Keeper. When OmegaDad deigns to use his arthritic fingers on my bra strap itch, I loll my head and beg for more! MORE! MORE! Aside from the well-known crotch shifting maneuver that guys do without thinking of it, OmegaDad's favorite thing in the scratching realm is to back up against a door jamb and scratch his back against it. He claims that he learned this from his adolescent FFA experience with cows who would back up against fence posts to hit their itchy spot, so I know cows have a Sweet Spot as well. The dotter has matured into needing scratching, too--the itch usually appears when I am in the midst of the very girly-girl production of Doing Her Fingernails. Right when she's got fresh polish on. So now, in the middle of very delicate fingernail work, I get interrupted by demands that I scratch her nose, or her chin, or an ear. It's like the itch is held at bay by her knowledge that she can scratch at any time, but when she's held helpless by wet fingernail polish, it leaps to the fore, demanding attention. Yes, yes, there are other itches that need scratching. But there's something deeply satisfying about having someone you know and love attack that itchy spot and Get It.
posted by Kate @ 6/25/2006 10:23:00 AM  
  • At 6/25/2006 11:20:00 AM, Blogger Miss Cellania said…

    My nose always starts itching while I'm peeling roasted jalapeno peppers. Don't it figure. And I completely agree about the bra strap area. That where my kids wanta scratch, and they don't even wear bras.

  • At 6/28/2006 04:22:00 PM, Anonymous I Gallop On said…

    Hi Kate,

    For me personally, it's my head. If you scratch my head and brush my hair ... I'm in ... sigh ... heaven.

    I massage all of my horses, have for years, because it's a great way to build a friendship/bond. But I'll have to admit, the kids and I scratch our big Percheron's tummy, just to see his big goofy reaction. We have had lots of laughs at the big boy's expense. But he's benefitted from lots of good belly scratching. And I have a 1,350-pound pet who follows me around wherever I go!

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