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A new view of children's literature
"Beatrix Potter's words sometimes do not readily fall into ancient Egyptian."--Words of wisdom from the translators of Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" into Egyptian Heiroglyphics. OmegaDotter is deeply into Peter Rabbit right now. Perhaps, in the hopes of widening her horizons, the Omegas should purchase said book. It would go well with the Encylopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs, a pop-up dinosaur encylopedia, which Mr. OmegaMom could not resist purchasing.
OmegaMom is in limbo until tomorrow evening, or possibly longer. OmegaDad seems remarkably sanguine about something that could alter our lives and prove to be a grand adventure. OmegaMom doesn't like limbo. OmegaMom is reading about Alaska. OmegaMom does not like -50F, even in theory. She has had life experience with -26 to -30F, and that was bad enough. Did you know that diesel fuel and transmission fluid gel at -50F?? OmegaMom is happy that the Big Change the Omegas are contemplating does not require us coping with -50F. But... Alaska... Hmmm.
posted by Kate @ 2/06/2006 02:10:00 PM  
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