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Various parents (not just moms!) have assured me that the 4-year-old snottiness is a phase (BH says they called their daughter the "4-year-old teenager"). Whew. Now if I can just keep my temper! This morning, OmegaDotter's first words to her father were, "I have to be nice today." I think that yesterday made an impression. Dotter has found a Breyer's catalog. Breyer makes model horses. OmegaDotter, in case you haven't heard, is enthralled with horses; she has what OmegaMom's biologist brother would call a "search pattern", and can locate the horsie item in a crowded room within seconds, while her parents are still taking in the ambience of the place. Anyway, she found this catalog. She was perusing it in the other room. OmegaMom was sitting in the office reading about the cartoon Jihad, when she heard: "Oh. My. Gosh." Another second passed, then: "Oh. My. GOSH!!!" (Think of a teen squealing at seeing a rock star idol shopping in the aisle next to her. What did BH say? "A 4-year-old teenager." Oh, yeah.) Then OmegaDotter came running in, with the Breyer catalog behind her back. "Mom! Mom! You have to see this!", and she pulls the catalog out, sloooowly from behind her back, then flourishes it in front of OmegaMom. "Spirit!" And she points to various mustang models in the catalog. And then, of course, she wanted to watch Spirit.
posted by Kate @ 2/05/2006 09:46:00 AM  
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