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Here we come, a'Googlin'...
OmegaMom looked at her list of Google searches and decided it was worth sharing (mostly because she hasn't got a clue what to write about today). Latest is "erudite". This is because Cupid (a silly test site) uses Google for its searches. I was trying to locate the "Are You Erudite" test. OmegaMom is a true English Nerd, according to this test, scoring better than 94% of female folks her age. She searched on "button art" to see if there were any examples of button wall-hangings for Gigi. Couldn't find any; it seems that "button art" pulls up lots of sites for creating web-buttons, for creating artsy buttons that you wear, and for creating pin-buttons that you wear. There was the search on "to thine own self be true", just because (even though she scored so high on English erudition) OmegaMom couldn't remember whose quote that was. It looks like Shakespeare is indelibly inked on her brain; three of the last eight topics have had Shakespearean riffs on the title. This trio, "female politician shoes", "female world leader shoes", and "Cory Aquino shoes", was an attempt to remember the name of Imelda Marcos, for some comment on collecting shoes. It's amazing how much is written about female politicians and shoes. The pair "Maureen Dowd book" and "Maureen Dowd Are Men Necessary" was for my previous post, which ended up taking a totally different turn, so you may be seeing "To thine own self be true, part II" soon. Then there's the frantic search for horsie cut-outs and graphics. OmegaMom has this foolish plan to decorate OmegaDotter's bedroom with horsie stuff. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing? This is destined to be one. I searched on "horse applique pattern", "free horse pattern" (because OmegaMom isn't really into kitschy country horse quilts where you have to pay for the pattern), "horse graphic" (OmegaMom is glad that her "safe search" is on for that one), and, finally "quilted lizard", because the search for horsie applique patterns led to some really cool "accidental landscape" wall hangings done by a lady who has a business named "The Quilted Lizard". OmegaMom hearts Google, big time, even though they are the Evil Empire II. It's like having a well-indexed encyclopedia at your fingertips.
posted by Kate @ 1/17/2006 07:37:00 AM  
  • At 1/17/2006 04:30:00 PM, Anonymous gigi said…

    Awww! You did a search for button art for me?!? I'm soooo touched! Thanks Omega Mom! And you got my creative juices going nuts with that idea!

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