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Out, out, damn lurkers!
OmegaMom hopes that little doodad over to the right there catches your attention. In the interests of National Security and Our Precious Freedoms, OmegaMom urges you to follow the teeming hordes (as she has done) and post a comment to celebrate National Delurking Week. People who do not post will be pursued and persecuted. They will compile a file on you, including all the books you have purchased, read in libraries, read online, or even indicated a passing interest in to a casual acquaintance. Non-commenters will be added to the National Do Not Fly List, as they are obviously Up To No Good. Not only are They watching you, but OmegaMom is, too. In the interests of total peace and harmony, OmegaMom assures you that you do not have to post anything. If you are a congenital lurker, too shy to push that "Post" button, OmegaMom will contact the FBI and request a stay of execution for you. In other words, no pressure, dudes, comment or not as you please, I just thought it was cute. Oh, yes, OmegaGranny gets special dispensation, 'cause I know she lurks here, and she comments to me via email.
posted by Kate @ 1/11/2006 01:03:00 PM  
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