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Tap, tap, tap...Is this thing on, here?

::blows on microphone::

::skwee of feedback::

Ahem.  OmegaMom is blushing. 

AtypicalBrat (or is that ATypicalBrat?  Interesting how changing one letter reverses the meaning...), of Nonsensical Text, nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award, specifically citing one of my adoption posts.  Furthermore, she says my posts are always thought-provoking to her.

ATypical also awarded Jouette, one of my long-time buds, for her writing so beautifully about her love for her husband and children. Two more of my long-time buds have also been tagged with the Thinking Blogger Award:  Julie, at Ravin' Picture Maven, and C., over at Blogs Are Stupid.  I have my issues with C., but when she ditches the four-syllable words and writes from the heart, she's very good.

Man!  This is going to be hard to live up to!  I'm supposed to tag five other blogs, but I want to think about this for a while.

In addition, the splendid Miss Cellania has kindly nominated me for the 2006 Best of Blogs award under the category "Best Adoption/Fertility Blog".  One of the qualifications is that the blogs must be small, getting less than 100 unique hits per day--some days, I go over that 100 hits, but right now, I'm averaging about 88/89 per day.  You should check out some of the other nominees; Stirrup Queens looks like it would get my own vote.  If the category were broken out between adoption and infertility, I'd be much more willing to toot my own horn, but I tend to think they're very separate issues, and think there's more need for a good IF blog.  Once one moves to adoption, or has adopted, there's a whole slew of other aspects to discover, but the gut-wrenching emotional need for support or being able to work through the issues is a lot more immediate with infertility (IMO).

Anyway, I'd like to thank my mom, my late dad, my husband, my dotter, and all my friends and lovers and teachers in the past for helping me become thoughtful enough to qualify.  I'd also like to thank the Academy, the press, the designer of my splendid ballgown, and my makeup artist for making me presentable.

Thanks, guys!


Did anyone see the lunar eclipse?  I forgot about it!  (Hanging head in shame.)  We wouldn't have been able to see the really cool effect of the moon turning red, because the moon is rising early here these days, and the eclipse was on while the sun was up.  But I was interested in seeing what it would look like during daylight.

A former Canadian defense minister says that we need to use UFO technology to combat global warming.

Switzerland invades Lichtenstein!

Hilary Clinton's graduate thesis was ordered sealed by the Clinton administration, but has since been unsealed.  Reading the story, I'm not quite sure what the reasoning was behind having it sealed, as it sounds pretty tame to this semi-liberal-libertarianish person.  It's an examination of the theory and tactics behind a one-time famous Chicago rabble-rouser.  I suppose they thought conservatives would foam at the mouth about it? 

Ann Coulter very carefully doesn't call John Edwards a faggot.  Bah.  Whether one supports Edwards or not, that was icky.  But then, she tends to the icky side.

New cars and warehouse scooters that run on compressed air.

Next up:  God, belief, and evolution.  Should be fun!

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posted by Kate @ 3/04/2007 10:03:00 AM  
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