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Bugs 'n' stuff
I followed a link on Pharyngula to find this awesome National Weather Service loop of a mayfly hatching event in Minnesota. Now. Just sit there and think for a moment. There were enough bugs hatching all at once to show up on NATIONAL WEATHER RADAR, fer goshsake! It's cool to watch, but I really don't think I'd like to have "weather" like that. Then there are the bugs-in-the-broccoli. OmegaDad marched my large butt out to the veggie garden so I could serve as extra hands as he harvested our first broccoli. We ooohed and ahhhed at our harvest. We tenderly carried it into the house. We laid it on the kitchen counter. I turned away. OmegaDad hollered, "Grab the broccoli!" I turned back. Bugs. Earwigs. Pouring out of the broccoli. Earwigs wig me out. I know they don't do anything to anyone, except chomp holes in vegetables and lilac bushes and stuff like that. But their multi-sectioned shiny bodies wiggling away with the pincers up front just...shudder... Now, it's a short-term shudder. Get rid of the critters (we washed them down into the septic tank, where I hope they die hideous deaths), drown the broccoli in water to be sure there are no more nasty creepy crawlies, then cook that stuff up. I'm sure some of my readers are horking up their dinner right now.
posted by Kate @ 7/16/2006 07:17:00 PM  
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