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"This is taking too long!"
Most parents get "Are we there yet?" We get "This is taking too long!" Well, we also get the "there yet" question, but "taking too long" is the statement-du-jour. Folks, I am in awe of single moms. I was a single mom, temporarily, for seven days. Before any single moms out there go off on me about how I wasn't really a single mom, and people whose spouses are on travel for a long time always have someone to talk to and lean on, and trade off parental duties, etc., trust me, I know. I'm on your side. I be-leeeeeve. I was able to speak with OmegaDad every night and whine about how I wanted him to come home and how busy work has been and how OmegaDotter missed him. But fuzzy long-distance cell-phone calls just don't cut it. (Digression: Indiana is flat. It's the midwest. Shouldn't it have awesome cell-phone reception? Shouldn't grown adult-type human beings be able to make cell-phone calls without climbing to the top of the jungle gym in the middle of the night, in the rain?) Anyway, something had to give, and what gave was OmegaMom updating the blog. Sorry. Dealing with the dotter on my own for an entire week made me hit the wall Wednesday night. Back to "taking too long"...it was uttered as we were waiting for our food at Wendy's last night. It was uttered as we drove to the FCC picnic/meeting. It was uttered as we drove down to the Big City (before OmegaDotter conked out). And it was uttered over and over and over again as we endlessly circled around the terminal at the airport, trying to spot OmegaDad. We will not be picking OmegaDad up at the airport again. He will have to find a way to Some Other Place to be picked up. Like, say, taking the shuttle to the airport hotel we stayed at. Because I simply do not want to have more opportunities open up for the dotter to pronounce, "This is taking too long." OmegaDad is back. Woohoo! The dotter and I spent two hours in the pool in the sunshine this morning. We went off, en famille, to the Chinese Cultural Center and ate dim sum and shopped at the 99 Ranch market. Ahhhh. The Omega household is now stocked with an assortment of frozen dim sum for easy dinner making and weird fruit drinks and black noodles and green noodles and two POUNDS of soba noodles. And I have at least three blog entries noodling around (har) my brain, which I hope to get to today and/or tomorrow. In the meantime: "This is taking too long!"
posted by Kate @ 5/20/2006 04:57:00 PM  
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