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Torture (warning: TMI!)
Woe! Woe, I say, WOE is me! Or, scrambled and delettered, like some puzzles: OW is me. One always reads about medieval torturers doing things such as putting people on the rack, using hot pincers, and pulling out finger- and toenails. OmegaMom is awake at 3:30 a.m. writing this post because the Evil Killer Toenail Fungus, combined with stupid OmegaMom picking at her toenails while reading about George Bush and his cohorts thinking of going to war with Iran and, possibly, using nuclear warheads there (you gotta admit, that's enough to make anyone pick at their toenails!), um...kinda...sorta...pulled a toenail out. And is suffering the after-effects. Now I know why it was favored by the Spanish Inquisition ("Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"). The weird thing is that it doesn't hurt that badly when my full weight is upon it (say, standing up, walking around, sitting at the computer in my typical pose--one knee up, the other flopped over, like the stereotypical image of some historic person whose name escapes me at the moment). No, it hurts like hell when I'm lying down and trying to sleep. The little pained-puppy whimpers that twisted from my lips did not, in fact, awaken Mr. OmegaMom. Now, tiptoeing into the bedroom to avoid startling him, a sound which one would think would be masked by his incredible ability to snore, will send him into a frenzy where I have to pat him on the shoulder and go, "There, there!" like I do with OmegaDotter, and secretly get bent out of shape at his hyper-vigilance against potential robbers, stalkers, house-mayhem-provokers, etc. But when I'm in pain, does he wake up? Nope.
About BushCo: Three options. Either it's exactly what Ahmadinejad is claiming, "psychological operations", with the Bush Admin wanting to jangle their nerves while simultaneously pressuring on the diplomatic front, or it's disgruntled BushCo types venting, or else it's the God's Honest Truth. GHT can be broken down two ways: Either the nukular option is just a far-fetched possibility that is being tossed about and planned for, because that's what military planners do, or else BushCo really intend to do it. Unfortunately, given BushCo's record, I'm inclined to think there's some truth to the whole shebang. Also, given BushCo's record, I'm inclined to think there's very very little attention being paid to the post-Shock-and-Awe logistics. The whole world often seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, and here I am with a torturous toe.
On a more frivolous note, the Dotter is going about asking us, "Who wants to be a dead fish?!" in a very bright and chipper voice, like asking, "Who wants some ice cream?!" Where does she get this stuff?? The horsie mural is complete. Pics to come.
posted by Kate @ 4/10/2006 03:30:00 AM  
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