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What is Omegamom thankful for?
  • Indoor plumbing.
  • Thousands of years of glassmakers and the optometrists who piggybacked on them.
  • LASIK surgery.
  • Antibiotics--Zithromax RULES!
  • Modern medicine. Multiple folks at Omegamom's place of work have had to have stents put in recently. While OmegaGranddad's stent operation didn't work, and he died, it's nice to know that so many folks out there can have their hearts repaired without cracking their chests open.
  • Modern reproductive medicine. While it didn't work for Omegamom and Omegadad, it's worked for many, many people, and I'm happy for them.
  • Our darling Omegadotter, who is turning into a little girl by leaps and bounds.
  • OmegaGreatGrandma is still alive and kicking at--get this--102!
  • Central heat, even with the cost of fuel so high this year.
  • The Internet. Hmmmm. Maybe I shouldn't be thankful for that--it's a dreadful addiction...
  • Omegadad, who is way cool. WAY cool.
  • That it won't be snowing when we drive down to OmegaGranny's house.
  • That last year's sturm und drang in the family is gone, over with, finis. Thank god.
  • Lots of good friends.
A hearty and happy Thanksgiving to all my vast (::snerk::) array of readers! Categories: [Family] [This 'n That]
posted by Kate @ 11/24/2005 08:08:00 AM  
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