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There are aliens among us
And they think like this: When Crystal Clear Waters Become Muddied. I got this from Sster, who promptly turned it into a neatly packaged essay on entitlement. I am in awe of her abilities; that website left me gobbling and speechless and feeling vaguely unclean, somewhat the way my eldest brother would leave me after our infrequent phone calls. Given that eldest brother (now deceased) lived a life of carefree sociopathology, wherein his feelings and impulses trumped those of others, what seemed diametrically opposed to me at first glance (I had put "for totally different reasons" at the end of that previous paragraph) actually turns out to be the other side of one leaden coin. I am always impressed--not in a good way--by people who think that they know God's Will. Isn't God supposed to be, by definition, unknowable? Anyways, those of us who can't figure out ways to give a hand up to women in a pregnancy crisis can now rest easy at night, assured by this very "Christian" bunch that we are merely doing God's Will by ensuring that they (the women in crisis pregnancies) aren't troubled by those oh-so-unChristian doubts about relinquishing their children in adoption. Gah. Look. It's not up to me or you or that...erm...adoption "registry"...to figure out what a woman in that situation should do. It's up to her and the father. Her life. Her child. His life. His child. Their decision.
posted by Kate @ 4/26/2006 09:36:00 PM  
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