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A tale of bribery and corruption
OmegaDad is a genius. He bribed someone to get what we wanted. And we got it. Sleazy, immoral devil. He went to Michael's early Sunday morning. He bought: Stickers. Lots of stickers. A cheap plastic horsie. Way-cool draw-on break-apart jigsaw puzzles. Markers (washable--I told you he was a genius!). Two bags. He dumped all the gleanings from Michael's into the bags. He told OmegaDotter that if she took her medicine, she could close her eyes and grab something out of one of the bags. She did take her medicine. She reached into the bags and pulled out a toy (one of the jigsaw puzzle kits). She is a much happier camper. She ate soup at dinner, plus rice. Fever is gone, rash is gone, bumps are gone. Yay! She went to bed at her normal hour, and not a peep since then. Yay! (What am I doing up?!) But I am left with the sad knowledge that my husband is a ruthless conniver and my daughter can be bought by promises of goodies. What a surprise. Categories: [Family] [Mr. Omegamom]
posted by Kate @ 12/19/2005 02:08:00 AM  
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