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Love is work...
Okay, the real quote is "Work is love made visible", by Kahlil Gibron. But I keep remembering it backward. Love is not easy. Love is hard. Love is just plain work. It's a constant give-and-take, on both sides. You have to really love to work that hard. And you have to really work to love that well. I reached a point last winter with Mr. Omegamom where the love equals work equation was overloaded on the "work" side and underloaded on the "love" side. There was a very serious question in my mind as to whether it wouldn't be better for all concerned if I took the OmegaDotter and left. I tossed the dice. I gambled, big time, on Mr. Omegamom and his desire to make things work. And, thanking my lucky stars, it turns out that the gamble was less of a gamble than it seemed at the time, and that hard work on the part of Mr. Omegamom and me actually made our love weather through that time. Mr. Omegamom loves rubber duckies. He grows a mean garden. He cries at the silliest of movies. New coworker, upon being introduced to Mr. Omegamom, confided in me later on that he was a "damned good looking guy!" He commits himself wholeheartedly to causes. I Mr. Omegamom. Even though sometimes it's "work". Categories: [Mr. OmegaMom] [Family] [Group Work]
posted by Kate @ 8/23/2005 10:03:00 PM  
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